Surveyaan for GIS Professionals

Surveying is an important task and critical for the success of any infrastructure project. But surveying with traditional equipment take days and generate very few data points of land which leads to inaccuracies. Also data collected with Total Stations are difficult to visualize. Drone in this case has emerged as an effective tool and can do hundred of hectares of survey in few hours. Below are the applications where Surveyaan can be used:

  • Land surveying
  • Cadastral map
  • Topographical survey
  • Land management and development

Surveyaan for mine planners

Drones has emerged as an effective tool for mine planners and consultants in last few years. They provide an array of benefits to consultants keeping safety of personnel. Also the time these professional spend on field can be reduced drastically. Below are the few of the applications:

  • Mine or quarry maps and operation planning 
  • Volumetric measurement
  • Road and slope monitoring
  • Stockpile measurement and management
  • Survey hard to reach areas 
Surveyaan for construction consultants

Surveyaan helps construction consultants to quickly map large and unreachable areas in pre-construction phase with good precision. It also decreases cost and improves efficiency of surveying and overall construction project while helping professionals to track progress, budget and timeline.

  • Volumetric measurement
  • 3D modeling of site 
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
Surveyaan for solar consultants

Solar projects require 2D and 3D maps of site weather it is land or a rooftop before even commencement of the project. Consultants require these maps for planning and analysis purposes. Also aerial survey happens to be an effective way to monitor the constructed project. Below are few of the benefits Surveyaan brings on the table for solar consultants:

  • Land surveying and contour generation
  • Rooftop survey
  • Earthwork estimation
  • Construction monitoring and progress reporting 
  • Aerial survey for finding dust on panels 

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