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Surveyaan GeoWorkspace is a cloud based drone data processing and CAD software. It helps users to generate high quality, accurate, AutoCAD® compatible 2D and 3D maps from aerial images. The best part of GeoWorkspace is, it is available to users on pay-on-use basis i.e. firms who adopt Surveyaan doesn't need to invest hefty amount on data processing software to just get started and can start drone surveying business with zero investment on software. 

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Start Drone Business at 1/4th of Market Cost

Start your drone business just with your drone. Don't need to take advance subscriptions of image processing software. Use our pay-on-use facility to give a head-start. For larger volume you can always take subscription for lower cost.


AutoCAD Compatible Exports

Export autoCAD compatible contours, grid points , point cloud and other formats.

No Specific Machine required

It can be used using any laptop/computer. You just need to upload the photos taken from drone and start the processing. 

Pay on Use or Subscriptions

If not sure about volume of your coming business then use pay-on-use facility. If you don't use, you don't need to pay. No need to take subscription in advance.

Process the drone data with cloud based photogrammetry software  

GeoWorkspace is a power full cloud based photogrammetry software which can transform geo tagged RGB data into highly accurate 3D maps.   

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Get latitude and longitude of any point on surveyed land

With GeoWorkspace location measurement feature you can get latitude, longitude and altitude of any point on the surveyed land in just few seconds.

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Do linear measurement in just few clicks! 

With GeoWorkspace distance measurement functionality, you can measure linear distance on map with just few clicks! 

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Your Area is in your hand!

With GeoWorkspace Area measurement feature, you can get area of the any polygon drawn on surveyed map.  

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Making section is no longer a tedious task! 

With GeoWorkspace elevation measurement functionality, you can get section of pit, dump etc. by just drawing a line across them. You could export the results too in UTM coordinate format. 

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Do volumetric calculation with lightening fast speed 

With GeoWorkspace volume measurement feature, you can get cut and fill volumes with lighting fast speed. 

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Import results in our favorite software Autodesk AutoCAD 

Results can be exported from GeoWorkspace in format supported by AutoCAD. So with Surveyaan, you will just upgrade your surveying technique and will not need to change drafting methods. 

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Generate contour with custom interval  

With GeoWorkspace, you can generate contours as per your requirement of elevation in dxf file format. 

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