IBM Drone Survey SOP -  Rules for carrying out Drone Survey
The Government released several sets of instructions to allow the operation of UAV drones called the Standard Operating Procedures for carrying out drone survey
IBM Drone Survey SOP 
Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth.
Projected Coordinate Systems
The Projected Coordinate System helps you to project a specific round-earth model onto a flat surface or map.
Geographic Coordinate Systems
Understanding concepts such as coordinate reference systems and map projections is becoming increasingly crucial
Airspace Map of India
If you own a drone, there’s a good chance you may not be aware of the areas in which you can fly it.
Drone Survey of Large Sites
Surveying large areas present significant challenges in terms of battery life, overlap, covering all areas, drone range, and safety.
Guidelines for Automated Drone Mapping Part 2
We saw the initial planning phase of drone mapping in one of our previous blog. In this blog, we will discuss the Data Collection phase and how paramount it is to choose the right
Guidelines for Automated Drone Mapping Part 1
Drones have come a long way in the survey and construction sectors, and their capabilities have greatly improved
Vector Data in GIS
Vector data is a data structure that can be used to store spatial data. It is used to represent real-world features and assign attributes to those features.
Raster Data in GIS
Raster data is made up of pixels (also referred to as grid cells). Each pixel is associated with a specific geographical location. Raster data is an abstraction of the real world.
Volume Calculation using Drone Survey
Volumetric measurements are done using aerial or ground surveying techniques to calculate the volume of stockpiles and other materials.
Volumetric Survey using Pseudo GCP Method
Volumetric surveys are topographical surveys that accurately quantify the volume of material removed from or placed at a location.
Ground Control Points in Drone Survey
Ground Control Points (GCPs) are defined as the points on the surface of the earth which help to georeference raster data such as satellite, aerial, or drone imagery.
Drone Survey & AutoCAD: Simplified Point Cloud
Point clouds are the simplest form of 3D Model. They are the individual points plotted in 3D space.
Drone Survey & AutoCAD: Contours
Contouring, in surveying, is the determination of elevation of various points on the ground.